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Status Effects are timed buffs or debuffs that may last for a set duration, they can either affect zombies or humans. They have a wide variety of effects, some as simple as increasing damage done while others slow down movement and the like. Some status effects may be affected by skills or trinkets.


Debuffs are effects that are caused by the opposite team, which can have a disadvantage with weapons, life, or the field of vision.

Debuff List
Icon Name Description
Place Holder.jpg Poison Deals 3 damage every 2 seconds, reduce 3 poison stack after damage, Can be cleaned with Antidote.
Place Holder.jpg Bleed Deals 1 damage every 0.5 seconds, consumes 1 stack per damage, Can be cleaned with Bandage Pack, Bleed can give Wounds debuff.
Place Holder.jpg Wounds Overrides all healing received when it has no debuff such as poison or bleeding, Bandage Pack removes 50 wounds stacks.
Place Holder.jpg Enfeeble Increases damage taken by 40% from all sources, also increases damage taken from damage over time such Poison or Bleed.
Place Holder.jpg Gunk reduces your accuracy and firing speed with Guns.
Place Holder.jpg Frost Increases your impact delay, swing delay with Melee.
Place Holder.jpg Sickness Decreases heal received by medical sources. It also prevents food items from being used.
Place Holder.jpg Dim Vision Makes your screen dark, Can be resistible.

List of Positive Status Effects


Cleanse blocks you from getting one or more negative status effects depending.


Shield greatly reduces the amount of damage taken on melee hit, consumed on use.


Fervor increases fire rate with each stack.


Reaper increases damage with each stack.


Renegade pierces damage resistances and grants additional headshot damage with each stack.


Adrenaline causes you to move at full speed even at low health.

List of Zombie Status Effects


Soften causes zombies to take additional damage.


Fire causes zombies to take damage over time.


Shock slows zombies down and causes them to take damage over time.


Frost slows down zombie movement.


Acid reduces zombie damage resistance and deals damage over time after building up.


Sap reduces zombie damage and grants health to humans who melee it.