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The Survivors, otherwise known as humans, are one of the two teams in Zombie Survival. All the survivors have the goal of surviving, either by escaping on round 6 of a zombie survival map (zs_mapname) or by reaching the end of an objective map (zs_obj_mapname). The survivors (always) work together; this is done by having set players to perform a specific role. There are three main types of roles in Zombie Survival:

Shooter/Melee: This role is for people who use weapons to perform damage to zombies in order to fend them off, these players are the front line of both in AND outside of a cade, these players (should) be performing DPS on the zombies so the humans do not become overrun. They gain points from damaging and also killing zombies.

Cader: The cader is someone who creates a barricade on one of three sigils. In most cases, each sigil should have a cader to defend that sigil by creating barricades using props on the map. This person creates barricades that hold zombies back and defend human players as well as the sigil. Caders gain points from repairing their barricades and having the barricade take damage.

Medic: The medic is an important role in Zombie Survival; the main role of a medic is to heal other human players when they inevitably become hurt, they keep players alive using their medical tools, and they gain points when healing and buffing teammates. Medics should never try to attack zombies and instead should stay behind the safety of teammates.

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