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The Dark Market was apart of the 04/18/21 update to replace 'Demiboss progress' with a point based shop. Now you will gain Dark essence instead of demiboss progress from doing damage to props, survivors, and sigils or from Dark GiftsDark gift.png. Which can be used to buy demiboss, upgrades to regular classes, dark market specific classes, and hoard buffs.


Upgrades page in the dark market


3 Health Boosts

Wretched Might

Dark Power

Acid Claws

Horde Buffs

Horde Buffs page in the dark market

Nest Defense


Status Resist


Health Boost

Spawn Dark Gifts


Classes page in the dark market

Hoppin Hulk

Ice Demon

Skeleton Executioner

Tickle Nightmare

Youtube icon.png YouTube videos

https://youtu.be/MdLIm5bSU4U - The Dark Market