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Points are the main currency of Zombie Survival. They are used to purchase weapons and other various items.

Point Sources

  • Dealing damage to zombies. Each zombie has a specific point ratio, generally based on how hard it is to damage them in the first place.
  • Healing players.
  • Repairing props.
  • Building barricades that get damaged.
  • Shielding players or from projectiles, with either shields, force fields or nullifiers.
  • Debuffing zombies with statuses like sap, soften or hinder.
  • Buffing humans with statuses like strength.
  • Getting profit from several of deployables (such as the prop transponder, arsenal crate on some maps, etc)

Point Save

On both Main and Pointsave, you will be able to bank your points and see them via your skills screen by looking at the bottom right as well being able to gain points on both servers.

However, on Pointsave, you will be able to use your banked points to buy stuff from the shop such guns, equipment, and more without having to grind points, unlike main server. This encourages players to buy best gear without having to earn points in that game. However, the user should try to grind the amount of points they lost as well trying to make profit.