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Zombie Survival is a Garry's Mod gamemode where humans are pit against the horde. Humans must survive and escape in order to win. Meanwhile, zombies must kill all the humans in order to wipe out the human team. However, Zombies start out in less numbers but as the game progresses longer, zombies will begin to outnumber the humans as more and more humans who has died will turn into a zombie, allowing the zombies to build up the horde and attack together in order to have a fighting chance. Humans also need to build up by gaining points in order to upgrade to better equipment and as well of building a barricade in order to delay zombies of breaking in.

This gamemode was created in 2007 by "Jetboom". Throughout to 2010s, Zombie Survival received several major updates, with the introduction of skills, weapons, and fixes to the gamemode. Up until 2018 when "Jetboom" ended development to Zombie Survival. However, After Jetboom left the development of Zombie Survival, Sunrust took over development of Zombie Survival with their own exclusive updates to the server and to this day, Zombie Survival has been in active development with different developers applying different changes, fixing stuff, and adding new features to make Zombie Survival a unique experience for both new users and seasoned players.


Conception (2007-2010)

Little is known about this era of Zombie Survival other than achived videos from that time showing a very primitive ZS compared to today's modern ZS

-Zombie Survival - LAST HUMAN! - Oct 29, 2007

-NoxiousNet - Competition for Admin - First Contest Apr 24, 2007

-Zombie Survival Epic Win as last human May 29, 2009

Era (year-year)


Era (year-year)


Youtube icon.png YouTube videos - Introduction