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Ammunition is the cornerstone of Zombie Survival's gunplay. You obtain ammunition from a Resupply Box, looting from dead bodies, buying ammo via the shop, or using Ammo Package if looted or redeemed with it.

Ammunition Types

Pistol ammo icon.png
Pistol ammo
Used by most pistol type weapons. Resupplies for 16. Pistol weapons tend to be accurate, medium DPS and partially ammo efficient. Usually pierces 20% of damage resistance.
Shotgun ammo icon.png
Shotgun ammo
Used by shotguns. Resupplies for 12. Shotguns are very efficient, but only moderate DPS and have low range.
Smg ammo icon 2.png
SMG ammo
Lighter automatic weapons use this ammo type. Resupplies for 36. Fast firing weapons which are harder to sustain but have high damage output.
Assault rifle ammo icon.png
Assault Rifle ammo
Heavier automatic weapons use this ammo type. Resupplies for 32. A bit more accurate than SMGs but deals a bit less overall DPS, relying more on headshots. Most of them pierce 25% of damage resistance.
Rifle ammo icon 2.png
Rifle ammo
Rifles commonly make use of rifle ammo. Resupplies for 9. Very accurate, but low DPS weapons which have a major focus on headshots. They can pierce up to 40% of damage resistance, making them very good at countering horde resistance from sigils being corrupted late game.
Pulse ammo icon.png
Pulse ammo
Pulse weapons make use of this energy ammo type. Resupplies for 30. The weapons that use it are extremely varied, and some of them inflict pulse slow.
Bolt ammo icon.png
Crossbow Bolts
Crossbows make use of bolts. Resupplies for 8. Most crossbow weapons launch a projectile, some of them have special projectile properties. They can pierce 10% of damage resistance.
Explosive ammo icon 3.png
Explosive weapons make use of the explosive ammo type. Resupplies for 3. Very high risk but high reward weapons that tend to rely on multiple zombies being nearby to be effective. They tend to have a weakness to damage resistance, the ones with AoE damage having 20% increased damage resistance.
Chemical ammo icon.png
Chemical weapons are very varied in application, making use of both hit-scan and projectile attacks.
Nail ammo icon 2.png
This ammunition type is used by hammers to nail down props in order to create barricades, or by the tool Barbed Wire to add a damaging layer to props.
Medpower ammo icon.png
Medical Power
Medical Kit Power is used by tools and weapons which can heal or buff other humans. The power used depends on the weapon and the amount of health healed. Medical Kit Power can be purchased at the worth menu or point shop. Resupplies grant 20 power per cache.
Scrap ammo icon.png
Scrap is used for upgrading weapons, purchasing ammo, and purchasing trinkets. All purchases involving scrap require the use of a remantler. Scrap is also used by the Scrap Weapons skill. Scrap can be obtained by:
  • Purchasing it at an Point Shop at a rate of 15 points for 9 scrap
  • Using a Resupply Box for 3 scrap per cache
  • Salvaging Weapons or Trinkets