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Deployables are items that provide different services for survivors including item dispensal, perimeter defense, and other situational items.

The owner of a deployable can pack it by holding the shift key, at which point it will reappear in the players inventory. A group of 4 players can also force-pack a deployable by simultaneously holding shift on it.

If the owner of a deployable dies, another living player can press the use key on it to become the new owner. Owner-less deployables will sometimes deactivate until a player claims them as their own.




Pulse Drone


Hauler Drone


Item Deployers

'Aegis' Barricade Kit


Arsenal Crate

The Arsenal Crate is used to purchase items from the point shop when no sigil is nearby.



Junk Pack

The Junk Pack is available in both the worth menu and the point shop. Using the Junk Pack will spawn a random, small prop in front of the player. It has limited uses.

Resupply Box

Allows humans to restock the ammo of their current weapon, or their currently selected ammunition type in the inventory menu.

There is a timer on the side of the crate which allows you to see when you may use it once more. The timer is set to 60 seconds by default, but it can be affected by trinkets, defence, and by people using your resupply, if you own one.

Resupply Quantities

  • Pistol Ammo - 16
  • Shotgun Shells - 12
  • SMG Ammo - 32
  • Assault Rifle Ammo - 32
  • Rifle Ammo - 9
  • Pulse Ammo - 30
  • Crossbow Bolts - 8
  • Explosives - 4
  • Chemical Vials - 20
  • Medical Kit Power - 20
  • Nails - 2
  • Scrap - 3


Gun Turret


Assault Turret


Rocket Turret



Arc Zapper


'Sentinel' Repair Field


'Stinger' Zapper


'Dynamo' Arc Zapper


Other Deployables

Force Field Emitter

The Force Field Emitter is a pulse powered deployable that destroys all zombie projectiles that collide with it. A standard poison flesh projectile will give you 0.22 points when destroyed and uses 0.6 pulse ammo. Bilemire and Pukepus balls will disable the field for 5 seconds, preventing anything from colliding and being destroyed by it.



Message Beacon

The Message Beacon is available in both the worth menu and the point shop. It can be placed on the map to broadcast a message to other living players. The message can be changed by right-clicking.

'Nullifier' Trophy System

The Nullifier is a pulse powered deployable that destroys up to 3 projectiles around it every 0.33 seconds (affected by modifiers to field delay). It consumes 2 pulse ammo per projectile destroyed. A standard poison flesh projectile will give you 0.3 points when destroyed.






The Remantler is used for purchasing or upgrading items with scrap. Remantling is the process of upgrading a weapon or trinket with scrap, by use of a Remantler. To upgrade a weapon, hold the item that you wish to remantle in your hands as you press your use key on the item. To upgrade a trinket, stand near the Remantler, open your inventory, and click the trinket you wish to upgrade. Remantling costs increase with subsequent upgrades.

Prop Transponder

The Prop Transponder is a deployable that is mainly used by caders that need props when they run out. List of props created from Prop Transponder

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