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Welcome to the Zombie Survival Remantled Wiki

This wiki is to help the newer players to the Zombie Survival gamemode, also can be use as a guide. It will mainly be focusing on the Zombie Survival Remantled version of the gamemode.

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Latest Wiki update: 2/11/2023

- Most guns now have their respective icons

About Zombie Survival Remantled (ZSR)

Remantled is a simpler version of current Sunrust Zombie Survival. It will capture the feel of 2014-2016 era, but with the current Quality of Life of Current Sunrust Zombie Survival.

Remantled will be using Customizable Weaponry 2.0 tuned for Zombie Survival. More will be revealed when we approach closer to our release date. If you want to help us test ZSR feel free to come join the Sunrust discord and Keep an eye on #zsr-discussions.

Development Team

MagicSwap, Ed, Mailstrom, Troop, MissStephanie, Jon, BirdFlu


Cyan Crayon, Centurion, Ephemeral

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