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A uncorrupted supply crate.

The supply crate is a pointsave exclusive crate and is very significant to humans as it contains pointsave-exclusive weapons, equipment, ammo regeneration, damage resistance, and the ability to escape. Unlike the sigils which can spawn in 2-3 different spots. The supply crate only spawns on pointsave and only one location, meaning humans are forced to cade the supply crate and camp there if the humans want to buy special weapons from it as well as escaping from the zombies. Not protecting it means that humans will need to find a way to both overcome the damage resistance that zombies will have and getting back to the crate.

Supply Crate Mechanics

The supply crate acts as a sigil but unlike the sigils you see on main, the supply crate spawns only one, meaning you will need to cade there as a way to fend off the zombies.

Because it is pointsave exclusive, it means that there are special weapons, equipment as well as buying bounty trinkets and trinkets in the crate you can purchase. These special weapons are considered above average as they are unique themselves, depending on the situation. You can also auto-generate ammo from it as long you are near the crate.

Because it's the only crate. If you want to survive and escape, you must by all means cade within the crate and fend off the zombies in order to survive. Not doing so will make all zombies have damage resistance by 50% (by default, uncorrupted is 25%), and escaping will be impossible since it is the only way to escape via the crate. Also, note that you will not be able to teleport back to the crate with a sigil fragment and still follows the phase orb placement (cannot place it near the crate).

It can also act as a defense in wave 1 and somewhat in wave 2 as it will slow zombies and reduce all damages when the zombie gets too close to the crate.

Bulb icon.png Tips

MAKE USE OF THE POINTSAVE WEAPONS, EQUIPMENT, BOUNTIES, ETC. - As stated before, there are weapons and equipment that are pointsave exclusive (unless you find one from the supply drop on main). They are more unique as each weapon can find its purpose in the meta. Also, note that some equipment such as Blitz is also very powerful if used right. Make sure you also buy some bounties if you know that you are going to profit (because those bounty trinkets are not cheap but they are powerful and can still make a profit if used right).

The supply crate UI.

DON'T LOSE CONTROL OF THE SUPPLY CRATE - Not only that this is the only way to escape from the zombies but also that if you lose control of the supply crate, zombies will receive 50% of damage resistance as well that anti-stall will kick in to kill all humans if almost all the humans are dead (note; wave 6 prevents anti-stall).

A corrupted supply crate.

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