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Go even further beyond.

Lose all skills, experience, skill points, and levels.

Start at level 1 but with 1 extra skill point.

Can remort multiple times for multiple extra skill points.


Remorting is when you have reached level 50 and you want to have extra skill points for other skills. However, you cannot level up anymore as you have reached the max level. However, it does not stop there.

In order to remort, you must be level 50 and is willing to give up everything you have gained throughout your journey to level 50. If you decide to not remort, the game will allow you so without gaining anymore XP which also means you won't be able to get anymore skill points to build up your character.

If you press "Remort" and it is white. You will receive a message, stating that once you remort, you cannot turn back. Pressing "I understand", the game will set you back to level 1, but you will earn a skill point for remorting.

There, you will have to grind again to max level to remort once again.