Objective (Gamemode)

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Objective is a gamemode where human players are to run to a final destination, defend from the incoming zombies, and barricade the doorways. Currently, there are 13 objective maps. There is a 50 maps cooldown after an objective map is played.

Objective Maps
Name Version Description
6 Nights zs_obj_6_nights_v15
Day Zero zs_obj_day_zero_v16
Dump zs_obj_dump_v14
Enervation zs_obj_enervation_v22
Event Horizon zs_obj_event_horizon_v4
Filth zs_obj_filth_v19
Gauntlet Reborn zs_obj_gauntlet_reborn_v34
NPST zs_obj_npst_v7
Rampage zs_obj_rampage_v9
Rescape zs_obj_rescape_v16
Upward zs_obj_upward_v25
Vertigo zs_obj_vertigo_v27
Void zs_obj_void_v1a

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