'Peashooter' P228

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Peashooter viewmodel.png
'Peashooter' P228
Tier 1
Cost :15 points
Damage :19
Reload speed :2.59 s
Attack delay :0.24 s
Clip size :18
Min Spread :1.25
Max Spread :4
Move Speed :225
Res Pierce :15%
Headshot multiplier :2.1x

A low damage output pistol that only uses half the ammo. Awards 1 point for killing shots.


The 'Peashooter' P228 comes from Counter-Strike: Source as the model and real-life counterpart to it.


The 'Peashooter' P228 is a tier 1 pistol that requires pistolammo to fire.

The 'Peashooter' takes half of your pistol ammo (meaning if you have 9 pistol ammo, it would reload to 18 rounds in your gun). It also awards the person a point if the person scores the kill.

Check icon.png Pros

The 'Peashooter' is perhaps one of the best T1 weapons to use, due to the ability to make points from it by dealing damage and scoring the kill.

It also takes half of your pistol ammo, therefore, making it a noob-friendly weapon to use

Cross icon.png Cons

Despite the pros, the damage itself is pretty bad as you will only be doing 19 damage if unremantled. It is wise to aim for the head for more damage.