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A zombie that touches this brush.


Enabled <choices>

Enable the brush entity.
  • 0: No
  • 1: Yes

Silent <choices>

If yes then the server does not announce that a player has become the new boss.
  • 0: No
  • 1: Yes

Change Instantly? <choices>

If yes then anyone who gets swapped will instantly be changed right on the spot.
  • 0: No
  • 1: Yes

Force to Specific Class? <choices>

If set then the new boss will be this class.

Demiboss Class <string>

Set the demiboss class for players to spawn as.


input enable <void>

Enable the entity.

input disable <void>

Disable the entity.

input seton <integer>

Set Enabled keyvalue.

input setsilent <integer>

Set Silent keyvalue.

input setinstantchange <integer>

Set Change instantly keyvalue.

input setclass <string>

Set specific class to spawn, must be a boss class e.g "Giga Gore Child".

input spawnboss <void>

Spawns the boss using the zombie with the highest damage.

input spawndemiboss <void>

Spawns a demiboss based on the highest damage.

input setdemiclass <string>

Selects the demiboss class for players to spawn as.


output OnBossTouched <void>

Set when a boss starts touching the brush. Is not fired when a zombie becomes a boss in this volume.