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Tools are multi-purpose items that assist Survivors in several areas.


Used in combination for crafting other items.

Bust Head A bust head that could be fitted on to something handle shaped.
CPU Parts Parts from a central processor.
Electrobattery Could be used to improve repairing motions.
Propane Canister With the correct setup, has the potential to ignite things.
Saw Blade A sharp saw blade ready to be fitted onto fast moving objects.

Medical Tools

Used to improve the health of humans and alleviate debuffs.

Medical Kit Heals survivors.
'Savior' Medic Gun Fires medical darts which can heal at a range, and grant a small speed boost.
'Purger' Antidote Handgun Fires AoE antidote bombs that cure poison and remove and protect from status effects.
'Convalescene' Medical Rifle Fires fast-moving medical darts which can heal at a range.
'Templar' Medical Shotgun An advanced shotgun that shreds medical ammo to deal damage.
'Rejuvenator' Healing Ray Locks on to humans and heals them to full, discharging medical ammo along a ray.

Repair Tools

Used to replenish and maintain prop health.

Carpenter's Hammer Allows you to hammer in nails to make barricades.
Mechanic's Wrench This tool can be used to repair deployables as long as they were not damaged recently.
'Shaper' Repair Welder Uses chemical ammo to repair very fast.
Smithing Hammer Once used for smithing, now used for bludgeoning and repairs.

Other Tools

Don't fit into other categories, but are generally used to help players better perform other tasks.

Barbed Wire Used on barricades to damage zombies if touched.
Multi-Tool An advanced tool used for managing deployables.
Strength Dart Gun Fires performance enhancing darts which can increase target damage.